Manufacturer, builder, since 1954, all our constructions are designed by our own technicians and built entirely in our workshop in La Cure (39) by a competent and qualified workforce.

We make a point of honour of ensuring you an impeccable quality, whether it is the communication at the very beginning while developing your project or during its carrying out. That is why you will deal mainly with a member of the Dumont-Fillon family.

First and foremost, you will deal with a technician who knows in detail the characteristics of the construction suggested to you and who will know, depending on your criteria, which building method to use for your project.

Wooden houses


The LEGENDE range characterizes our houses built using noble and traditional techniques with a neat finishing.

We have a wide range of CHALETS typical of the Haut-Jura (or the Alps depending on the finishing): clean straight lines or finely worked finishing, columns and beams chalets or double log, oversized wood sections for a breath-taking look.

legends / innovations

The INNOVATION range characterizes our modern houses: large bay windows, original shapes and modern finishing.

Working with architects allowed us to carry out technical challenges and developed our artistic touch. Always looking for novelty, this range allows the combination of different materials and techniques. Wood, metal, glass, roughcast …

Depending on your taste and our competences, we create together your ideal of aesthetics.


Summer houses


Come discover our range of standard and custom-made sheds.

All of them are designed to last and are built in the same spirit as a dwelling house. 60 mm (~2.4 in) thick (or more) logs with finishing touches ranging from natural to burnt wood. Constructions fitting all the constraints, we will always have a solution..

Did you think about self-construction? For a maximum cost-effectiveness, we suggest our shed kits delivered with assembly instructions or an advisory technician at your service (Optional).

sheds / Garages

Come discover our range of standard and custom-made garages and carports.

Delivered built or in kit, we will find together a cost-effective and lasting solution fitting your needs.

Did you think about self-construction? For a maximum cost-effectiveness, we suggest our shed kits delivered with assembly instructions or an advisory technician at your service (Optional).

Garages / summer houses

Because each of us has different needs when it comes to housing, we have developed standard and custom-made summer houses for you.

Whether it is an annexe, a summer lounge, a guest house or a secondary house, this housing match a temporary need.

Summer houses



Extension, heightening, renovation… Our technical know-how allows us to find rehabilitation solutions that meet your every need. Whether you are looking for a veranda or an extension on 1 or several sides (or level) of your house or flat, we will always find a solution.

Extension/ Renovating

You have renovations to be done; you are looking for a way to finance your investment?

Contact us to make a personal appointment with us where you want the work to be done, and we will find together a way to make your project happen.

Renovating / Carpentry

From the simplest to the most complicated carpentry, our know-how acquired since 1954 combined with our machinery using advanced technology allows us build simple traditional timber works but also some worthy of the best ancestral techniques.

Carpentry/ Joinery

We have the ability to design and build everything you need, ranging from indoor or outdoor fittings to insulation, doors and windows.

Whether you look for a modern, a traditional or a mountainous finishing, we have the products that will match your expectations.

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